Visiting E-world Daegu

Looking for a day activity when visiting Daegu, South Korea? If you like roller coasters and some fun then maybe you can consider heading to E-World Daegu.

How to get to E-world Daegu?

E-World is an amusement park located not too far away from the city centre. To get there take line 2 (the green one) to station Duryu. From there you will be best off taking exit 15 and then it’s about a five-minute walk to the theme park.

Costs and what is included?

A full day ticket ist 37000KRW for adults which includes entry as well as entry to the attractions (except for the skytower).

However, it is also possible to just pay for entry and then pay attractions separately or get a discount by entering late with the night ticket. Personally, that doesn’t really make as much sense because one attraction alone is like 5000KRW.

Opening hours are 10am to 10pm.

The park

Being used to really big parks this one just seemed really small. In a few minutes you can get everywhere. There are three small roller coasters and a few more attractions but it is really nicely set up. There are a lot of decorations, which are really nice to look at. My highlights were definitely all the lights when it got dark. The whole park was decorated with a bunch of lights in all different colours, which was pretty amazing.

There was also a little zoo as part of the theme park, but we mostly felt bad for the animals and left quickly.

Usually if I go to a theme park then I’m the first one in and the last one out but for E-world we made an exception. But it’s definitely been a nice day trip and an activity to consider when heading to Daegu, South Korea.

Have you been? What’s your favourite Theme Park, let me know in the comments!

xo Becky

E-world Daegu: entrance

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