Night Diving Koh Tao

This by far has been one of the most amazing and scary things I have ever done in my life: Night diving in Koh Tao, Thailand. It was one of the dives I did for completing my Advanced Open Water Course and to be honest I have never been that nervous before a dive. On the same day I had already done my navigation dive and my peak performance dive which both went really well. However, as not being one of the most experienced divers I always get really nervous before dives in generally which vanishes though as soon as I start descending. It’s just these few seconds of floating on top of the ocean and then taking your first few breaths under water.

This is nothing compared to when we got on the boat to ride of to the ocean and the sun slowly starting to sink. It was only me and my instructor and two guys that worked on the board. If I could I would have probably turned around and not gotten anywhere near the water but I couldn’t. When we got to the dive site which is called “Green Rock”, I was happy to see that there were two other boats sending out divers. At least if there would be a shark he would have more options to go for. So I started putting on all my equipment, made sure the torch was working perfectly and jumped into the water. The sun wasn’t completely set so it was not totally dark yet but when I tried to have a first look underwater, the sight was limited to about 1 metre which was pretty terrifying.


My instructor just started to descent so I did not really had another choice than to start deflating my west as well. I think we only went down to about 12 metres and I was really happy that for once I didn’t have any problems equalising my ears. As we got deeper it got even more dark and if it wasn’t for my torch I could have not seen anything. All I was hearing was my own breath and I could not even locate my instructor most of the times.

After getting used to the dark we started diving next to some corral reefs and it was absolutely amazing. Since you could only see the part that the light of your torch touches I could just concentrate on the reef without getting distracted by all the fish around me.

We didn’t really see any really exciting fish but it was so great to see how the underwater world differs at night compared to it during the day time.

On our dive we met a group of other divers. At least they were easy to see because they were all waving around with their torches. I was so fascinated with all the marine life that I totally forgot how scared I was at the beginning. It also helped to know that Triggerfish sleep at night so there was that. I didn’t even notice that we started to slowly ascent, I had no clue where my instructor was I just followed the light. Could have been a random diver that we met on the way. After about half an hour we reached the surface. I had more than half a tank left and I for sure could have stayed underwater for a little while longer.

I am so glad, however, that I chose the night dive as one of my adventure dives and I will definitely do it again in the future. By far the best dive of my life.

The next day I visited “Green Rock” during the day and it looked totally different. Also by far my favourite dive site so far. You can go quite deep and there is all this marine life surrounding a few massive rocks that you can circle around.

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