Koh Phi Phi – My favourite Island

Koh Phi Phi. Mostly known for it’s shitty weather during rain season, the famous Maya Bay and unforgettable beach parties. It’s just a small little island about a two hour ferry ride away from Krabi in the south of Thailand but definitely a memorable one. If you have been to the islands on the east than you might wonder what Koh Phi Phi has to offer. Of course they are some awesome dive locations, but the island that is mostly known for it’s scuba diving paradise is Koh Tao. Beach parties might be fun but there is the Full Moon Party in Koh Phangan.

Still Koh Phi Phi is and always will be my favourite island in Thailand. It’s so small you can reach every restaurant and bar in a couple of minutes. You don’t get lost and all hostels are either located at the beach or only a couple of minutes away from it. It’s the perfect location. Compared to the bigger island there are also no scooters and cars. Also there is a lot to do during the day time. If you have seen the film “The beach” with Leonardo DiCaprio then you might know that this movie was filmed on Koh Phi Phi. You can book a boat tour which will take you to different places such as the Monkey Island, a nice little Bay for snorkeling as well as Maya Bay of course. When you arrive at Maya Bay you first have to swim to a rope and then somehow climb up to the island which is not really the easiest task. However, there is not enough space for all boats to stay directly at the beach itself as it does get really crowded. Not like you might be expecting it after watching the movie.

You can also combine the boat tour with a booze cruise which a lot of people do. I didn’t do that however, as I get seasick anyway and did not think it was the best idea.

Other than that the island offers the same as the other islands can, such as pretty beaches, a view-point, nice Thai food, and a lot of buckets. But what makes it so special for me are the fire shows that take place every single night a long side the beach in front of hostels and bars. It’s the prefect way to start a night out directly on the beach. So if you are staying on the beach in hostels such as Blanco’s Beach Bar or Stones Hostel (this is where I always stay) you can expect it to be quite noisy at nighttime. The fire shows start at around 9ish in the evening and lasts until around midnight. Even staying on Phi Phi for a couple of days the fire show never gets boring and is such a nice way to relax or socialise with new people. And a little tip for solo travellers: Koh Phi Phi is honestly one of the few places were I don’t feel weird going out by myself. Just sit down at the fire show and sooner or later you will make some friends.

All in all, I do really like Koh Phi Phi, because it is not as crowded and also can offer you a little of everything without having to cover long distances of traveling on the island itself. It has just got a lovely atmosphere and is nice if you want to escape the crazy Thai traffic for a couple of days.

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